【updated April 17th】Guidance for continuing students

Please read this page and GIS Handbook carefully in order to prepare for the courses.


How to take courses in 2020 spring / 春学期授業について【Important】*updated April 15th


Spring 2020 semester courses will be offered online from April 21, and will remain so for the time being (please refer to the Hosei website).
You need to provisionally register for your courses via the Hosei Learning Management System by Hoppii (https://hoppii.hosei.ac.jp).
Please refer to the instructions written below.

Steps for registering for courses

1. Provisional registration for the courses on the Hosei Learning Management System
All courses are shown on the Hosei Learning Management system, and you can register for the courses you want to take here. Therefore, please check which courses are appropriate for your program by checking the course code (e.g. A6000), and ensure you register for the correct ones.

2. Open the course page on the Hosei Learning Management System for your first class
Your courses will be taught online for a while. It is possible that at some point in the future that the course will return to a classroom format. For this reason there may be a selection exercise, or similar, in the first class in preparation for the course being held in a classroom in the future. It is essential that you access the Hosei Learning Management System at the beginning of your first classes.

3. Results of the student selection will be all posted on the Ichigaya Faculty of Humanities web bulletin board (https://hosei.study.jp/gis)
After the results have been announced, if you wish to take a different course from the second week, then please contact the teacher in charge of that course.

4. Follow teacher instructions (from second week)
Please follow the instructions of the teacher in charge of the course regarding classes from the second week, and when you need to access the Hosei Learning Management System.

Course Registration Schedule *updated April 15th

Up to April 20th: Provisional registration period (It is your initial registration for courses)
From April 21st: Beginning of classes
From May 13th to 18th: Course registration period (It is your final registration for courses) 
*No Withdrawal period

From May 4th to May 8th: Course registration period (It is your final registration for courses)
From May 11th to May 13th: Withdrawal period

Instructions on final registration will be posted online later.

Classes on national holidays (Spring 2020 semester) *updated April 14th

You will have classes on Monday, May 4th, and Wednesday, May 6th, Thursday, July 23

Notes *updated April 11th

The following courses are not shown on Learning Management System yet.
It is supposed to be updated around April 18th. Therefore, please register provisionally on or after 18th.

A6550 GTI: Visual Communication Design
A6551 GTI: Fine Arts
A6552 Social Research Methods
A6553 Topics in Contemporary Art








履修までのスケジュール *updated April 15th



祝日の授業実施日について(春学期)*updated April 14th


  • 学年暦

    注意 *updated April 11th


    A6550 GTI: Visual Communication Design
    A6551 GTI: Fine Arts
    A6552 Social Research Methods
    A6553 Topics in Contemporary Art

Required English Courses (必修英語科目) *updated April 14th

Class (from 1 to 8) remains same / 所属クラスについて

Your class (from 1 to 8) remains same even in the 2nd year. Please see page 学部-(21) of GIS hand book in order to know when and which courses you need to take.

*Information for class 3-6 students who entered in 2019 fall / for class 3 and 4 students who entered in 2018 fall and 2019 spring

必修英語科目のクラス(1〜8)は2年次に進級しても変わりません。どの科目をどのセメスターで履修する必要があるか、『履修の手引き』 学部-(21) ページで確認してください。

*2019秋入学のclass 3-6 および 2018秋・2019春入学のclass 3,4の方へ(スケジュール・担当者変更のお知らせ)

Re-registration / 再履修について


English Test Preparation(2016-19入学者必修科目)の単位認定について(5月8日17時締切) *updated April 11th

textbook / 教科書について *updated April 14th

You will able to purchase the textbooks for required English courses via Hosei Co-op website from April 21st.

Academic Writing Skills I
Academic Writing Skills II
Reading Skills I
Reading Skills II
Freshman English I,II
Basic Writing Skills【For 2019 fall intakes and Re-registration】
English Test Preparation Advanced【For 2nd-year students】

ESOP cross-listed Courses

How to register “Marketing in Japan(200-level)”

If you want to take “Marketing in Japan”, you need to apply in advance as follows. If we have over 5 applicants, the student who can take this course will be decided by lot. Be careful you cannot cancel once you applied.
ESOP cross-listed 科目の「Marketing in Japan」受講希望者は、以下のとおり事前申し込みが必要です。申し込みの多い場合は、抽選のうえ履修者を決定します。 申し込み後のキャンセルはできません。

・Number of seats for GIS students / 定員: 5 

・Application requirement / 対象者
Those who are sophomore or over. Applicants are required to read the syllabi and attend the first class (on-line).

・Application flow / 申し込みまでの流れ
Application period: from April 10th (Fri) to April 15th (Wed) 17:00
Announcement of results: April 17th (Fri) at the 市ヶ谷文系学部Web掲示板
The first class: April 22nd (Thurs) 15:00-16:40

・How to apply / 申し込み方法
Please access the google form: https://forms.gle/izkYVi3TbFMeUtd98

Advanced Economics (300-level)

This course has prerequisites. Please see the web syllabus before you take the course. You must meet the prerequisites when you take this course. 

Recognition of credit for “English Test Preparation Advanced”(ETP Advanced)
ETP Advancedの単位認定について(2年次必修)

You can earn 2 credit for “English Test Preparation Advanced” utilizing your TOEFL iBT/ITP score or IELTS score. It is counted as the number of credits acquired in the spring semester.
基準を満たすTOEFLまたは IELTS スコアをお持ちの場合、ETP Advanced の 単位認定(2 単位)を行うことができます。その場合、春学期の修得単位としてカウントされます。 

・This announcement applies to students who…
1) are sophomore or over 2) have not passed ETP Advanced yet

・Score requirement
TOEFL iBT90(PBT/ ITP577)and over
IELTS band 6.5 and over
*Only the score which you get after entering in GIS is accepted.

・How to apply
1) If you have already got a score sheet which meets the requirement above, please access the google form and submit the copy of score sheet (PDF or image file) by 17:00 on Friday, May 8th. You don’t have to attend your ETP Advanced class and can attend another class on the same day and period.
google form: https://forms.gle/HK1sj55Yp8uEEiom6

2) If you get the score during spring semester (on or after May 8th), please submit it via the google form as soon as you get it. You can skip ETP Advanced class after you submit it.

Teaching Certificate / 教職科目について【Important (if applicable)】


List of new courses / 新規科目一覧


level Course title Notes
100G English Test Preparation for IELTS
100G Presentation & Public Speaking For students entered in or after 2016
100G Professional Communication  
100 Comparative Education  
100 Principles of Business Management  
200 Corporate Finance ESOP cross-listed
200 Digital Writing and Publication  
200 English Teaching in Primary School  
200 General Topics II: Business Ethics  
200 Global and Transnational Japan ESOP cross-listed
200 Global Governance ESOP cross-listed
200 Japan’s Diverse Religious Worlds ESOP cross-listed
200 Media and Politics in Japan ESOP cross-listed
200 Media Representations ESOP cross-listed
200 Modern and Contemporary History of Japan ESOP cross-listed
200 Sociology of Violence  
300 Cultural Tourism  
300 English Teaching in Primary School: Advanced  
300 Globalization and Political Change  
300 Impact of Artificial Intelligence  

French, Spanish, Chinese / 外国語科目
*Please avoid to take the language classes if you are a native speaker of them. 

C, D は A, B を履修した方(またはその言語を修得した者)対象の授業です。それぞれ独立した科目のため、1科目ずつ履修できます。


Two Semester Subjects (1 year courses from the spring to the fall semesters)
通年科目(春学期から秋学期まで1年間行われる授業)【Important (if applicable)】*updated April 13th

Course registration will be in the spring semester, while the grades will be released at the end of the fall semester, so please be careful about the upper limit of course registrations.
* Since the grades are not released at the end of the spring semester, at the time that students enrol for the fall semester, the credits for these courses are not counted for advancing to the next academic year.

Example: Registered course for the spring semester of year 3: Course maximum of 4 credits is counted, which are to be officially confirmed in results at the end of the fall semester for progression into year 4.



GIS Independent Study and Essay I & II Course Schedule

Relaxation of upper limit and registration of other undergraduate courses for students with excellent grades
成績優秀者の履修上限緩和および他学部科目履修について *updated April 13th

    1. Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or more up to the end of the previous year may achieve up to 60 credits in one year. Any students that wish to do this must contact the GIS office (GIS@hosei.ac.jp).
    2. Students with the highest grades may use the Other Undergraduate Courses Registration System. We will contact all students that this applies to by April 13th.
    1. 前年度までの累積GPA3.5以上の方は、年間60単位までの履修を認めます。希望する方は、GIS事務室までメール(gis@hosei.ac.jp)でご連絡ください。
    2. 成績上位者の方は、他学部科目履修制度を利用できます。対象者には、4月13日までにメールで連絡いたします。

Physical Educationの単位認定について



  1. 当該年度に入部し、かつ原則として、「体育会出席簿」記録期間末(当該年度1月中旬)まで在部し活動した者。
  2. 「体育会出席簿」に活動参加が記録されている者。
  3. 各部の部長により、採点名簿にS~C-評価がされた者。
  4. 上記の他、本学在籍等、単位修得の一般的要件を充たしている者。


秋学期の履修登録期間内に、本人が「体育会活動による単位修得申請書」を 提出し、手続きを行う。 秋学期の履修登録期間については、追って掲示等でお知らせします。


体育会活動で修得できる単位は、1年間の体育活動で1科目2単位(Physical Educationとして修得)です。単位は秋学期の修得単位数としてカウントされます。


  1. 単位修得をした場合、Physical Educationの授業は履修できません。授業に参加したい場合は、通常通り履修登録をしてください。
  2. おひとりにつき1回のみ単位認定されます。
  3. 年度途中で退部した場合は単位修得ができません。
  4. 単位修得された場合も、成績はS~C-となりますので、GPAの対象です。
  5. 第二体育会は対象となりません。