Ichigaya Campus Pathway Changes From November 11th, 2019

Due to the demolition of Buildings 55 and 58, the pathways inside the Ichigaya campus will be changed greatly as shown in PDF file below from November 11th, 2019 until Middle of August, 2020.

Ichigaya Campus Pathway Change (map) (PDF)

  • Pathway between 1st floor of Ouchiyama Building and 1st floor of Fujimi Gate Building will be closed.
    Please go through the Boissonade Tower to go to/from Ouchiyama Building from/to Fujimi Gate Building.
  • East side of Ouchiyama Building Entrance will be open and temporary pathway to Building 80 (Library) will be established.
    This temporary pathway can be used to go to/from Ouchiyama Building from/to Sotobori and Fujimizaka Building.

It may take longer to move to different buildings due to these pathway changes.
Please make sure you have enough time to move between classes.

We deeply apoligize for any inconvenience caused.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.