GBP/SCOPE Office Temporary Closing until May 6th

Under this state of emergency period, GBP/SCOPE Office is now temporarily closed until May 6th. Telephone is also closed.

  • For GBP/SCOPE students, inquiry can be available from the following Inquiry Form.

Inquiry Form

*If you can not use the above Google Form for some reasons, please send an email to us at pess● (please change “●” into “@”).

  • For IGESS students, please send an email to Faculty of Economics Section at igess● (please change “●” into “@”).

It will take some time to answer each question. Please be advised that we can not answer immediately to each question.
Before making an inquiry, please read the “Student Handbook” and materials which were updated on the bulletin board carefully.
To answer precisely, please write in detail when you make an inquiry.