【IMPORTANT】Online Bulletin Board Transition

According to the launch of the new Hosei Portal Site “Hoppii”, this online bulletin board will not be used anymore.
Important announcements and information about the university will be posted both on “Online Bulletin Board” on the “Hoppii”.
Students must log in to the “Hoppii” daily basis and try not to miss important information.


In addition to “Hoppii ” website, in case students can not access Hoppii for some reasons, almost the same information will be available on the new Temporary bulletin board.

(New) Temporary bulletin board:

Temporary bulletin board is a backup website for the “Online Bulletin Board” on the “Hoppii”.
Under the usual situation that students can access to Hoppii, students only need to check the Hoppii website and do not need to check both websites.